Huge Technical Data for Japanese Injection Molding Machines with One DVD!!

Containing the Specification Data and Dimension Diagrams of Plastics Injection
Molding Machines for 5 Editions: 1999,2001,2003,2005 and 2007 Editions

Advantages of the DVD

1.Including all of the plastics injection molding machines produced in Japan
2.Including all most all plastics injection molding machines imported into Japan
3.Including the plastics injection molding machines which are out of current production
4.Giving the technical specification data for the injection molding machines together with
the dimension diagrams
5.Providing accordingly information on the historical review of the injection molding machines
6.Assisting the historical review of the specification data and diagrams

Typical Users of the DVD

1.Plastics Mold Manufactures and Experts: Having technical data and dimension diagram information
necessary for mold design and production
2.Plastics Products Manufactures and Experts: Obtaining technical data necessary for the selection
of injection molding machine and for ordering the molds
3.Plastics Mold Designers and Experts: Acquiring technical data needed to make mold design
4.Mold Design and Injection Molding Mchine Researchers: Having research purpose technical data
and graphic dimension information

Menu of the Contents of the DVD and Its Contents

As for the contents of the DVD, please see the latest edition of the CD.

Simulative Operation of the CD and Sample Imagesfor the 2007 edition
Downloading the sample page: Please click this icon

After left-clicking the above icon and filing the downloaded file( PDF) , open the file
with the Adobe Reader.


This DVD has English manual.
As for the contents, English heading and Japanese-English comparative tables for the specification items are provided.
To use this DVD, it is necessary to install Japanese version of Adobe Reader.

Method for the Order

1.This DVD can not be obtained through book stores/PC shops.
2.You are thus kindly requested to order directly to our company by mail, fax or e-mail.
3.As for the order being made in Japan, payment will be made through the Postal Giro
Service of the Japan Postal Services. You will get a Postal Giro Form at the nearby Post Office
and then fill in the form.
4.Information to be filled in the Postal Giro Form
4-1. Postal Giro Account Number: 00100-9-132488
4-2. Postal Giro Account Name:Goshi-Kausya Kanagata-Tsushin-Sya
4-3. Amount to be Sent: 70,000 yen plus consumer tax 8%,
Price per copy of the DVD is 75,600 yen
4-4. Name and Address of the Company, Person Concerned, Telephone & Fax Numbers
4-5. Name of the DVD being Ordered and Number of Copies
5.As for the domestic mailing(shipping) charges, it is included in the abone price.
6.Payment for international order
6-1. Method for payment for international order
Name of the bank: MIZUHO Bank (SWIFT Code: MHBKJPJT), Setagaya Branch
Account No.: 1187809(Ordinary savings account)
Name of the account: Godogaisya Kanagata-Tsushin-Sya
6-2. Amount to be sent
Price per copy of the DVD: per copy, 75,600 yen
International shipping charge: 2,500yen
Total amount to be sent: 78,100yen per copy (including tax)
7.Order form: Please use the form(txt) and send by Fax (81-3-5447-1651).
8.Your inqury for the DVD and order will kindly be addressed to:

Department of System Development, Kanagata-Tsushin-Sya Company
Zip Code 106-0047
5-15-6, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Telephone: 03-5447-1651, from overseas: 81-3-5447-1651
Fax.:03-5447-1651, 5447-1652, from overseas: 81-3-5447-1652
E-mail: 弊社へのメールはこちらから
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Important information; for the DVD

Amendment for specification and diagram:
It has been announced by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd. that there is an amendment for
the specification and diagram for 4000MMV manufactured by the company.
Clearance between tie bars (rods) of 2300x1900 has to be amended as 2300x1850.

Amendment for the specification table:
Mold clamping force for the Sumitomo Heavy Intustry's SE180DUZ-C450/510 should be amended as

Amendment for the specification table and diagram:
Dimension of clamping plate for the Hishiya Seiko, Co.'s HB-100S should be amended as
610x610. Its diagram should also be replaced by the PDF page./ PDF download (2013/1/18)


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