Medical/Health Statistical Data Resources and Methods/Tools

Health/Medical Related Statistical Data Sources Sites

WHO Statistical Information System
Bureau of Census,USA
National Center for Health Statistics, USA
National Association for Public Health Statistics & Information
CDC Data and Statistics/CDC
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report,CDC
Medicare/Medicaid Statistics/ US Dept. of Health and Human Services
Health Insurance Data US Census Bureau
Drug Abuse Statistics :National Institute on Drug Abuse
FEDSTATS/Gateway to US Federal Statistics

Medline Plus/Health Statistics/Latest news on health statistics,
Specific conditions, Organizations

UN Statistics Division/Demographic & Social Statistics

OECD Statistics Portal

Demographic and Health Surveys/available country statistics data

PAHO: Data & Statistics

National Agency for Health and Welfare Statistics and
Information, Australia

HIV/AIDS - World Health Organization

HIV/AIDS in Africa / Wikipedia

Links/ Sources on the Web

Overview - Health Statistics - Research Guides

Health Statistics: Web Sites


Statistical and epidemiological sources

Statistical Classifications

The 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)/WHO

ICD-11/Canadian Institute for Health Information
The ICD-11 beta draft

ICD-9/ICD-9 and ICD-9CM/ Free Online/
ICD-9-CM International Classification of Diseases
ICD-10 Codes/HTML
ICD-10 to ICD-10-AM Mapping Tables/NCCH/AU
Clinical Classifications Software for ICD-10 Data/2003 Software
and User's Guide

ICF/International Classification of Functioning,Disability and

Other Sattistical Data Sources:
National Statistics Offices/Departments

Statistics Iceland
Central Statistics Office Ireland
State Statistical Committee of Azeerbaijan Republic
Statistical Agencies, USA/Federal
US Census Bureau
Bureau of Economic Analysis, USA
Housing and Household Economic Statistics,USA
Bureau of Labor Statistics,USA
National Agricultural Statistics Service,USA
National Center for Education Statistics,USA
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US DOT
Energy Information Administration
National Office of Statistics, Algeria
Albanian Institute of Statistics
National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia
National Statistics, UK
Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel
National Institute of Statistics, Italy
Statistics Center of Iran, Iran
Census of India, India
Statistics Indonesia
State Information Service, Egypt
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Omanet Statistics
Statistics Netherland
Canadian Statistics
Korea National Statistics Office, Korea
Republic of Cyprus Statistical Service
National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic
Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Ministry of Finance & National Economy Saudi Arabia
Saint Lucian Government Statitics Dept.
Statistical Institute of Jamaica
Statistics Singapore
Dept. of Census and Statistics, Sli Lanka
Swiss Federal Statistical Office
Statistics Sweden
National Institute of Statistics, Spain
Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Statitical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Natioal Statistical Office, Thailand
National Statistics, Taiwan
National Burea of Statistics of China
Statistics Denmark
Federal Statistical Office, Germany
State Institute of Statistics, Turkey
Statistics New Zealand
Statistics Norway
Kingdom of Bahrain
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
National Institute of Statistics, Belguim
Central Statistical Office,Belize
Statistics Faroe Islands
Fiji Islands Statistics Bureau
Statisitcs Finland
National Statistical Coordination Board,Philippines
Philippines National Statitics Office
National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria
Census and Statistics Dept.,Hong Kong
Statistics and Census Service, Macau
Agency of Information, Republic of Macedonia
Marshall Islands Statistics
National Statistical Office, Malta
Deaprtment of Statistics, Malaysis
Statistics South Africa
INEGI, Mexico
Central Statistical Bureau of Latovia
Dept. of Statistics, Lithuania
Statistics Luxembourg
Central Administration for Statistics, Lebanese Rep.
State Committee of the Russian Federation
Federal Statistical Office, Yugoslavia
Jordanian Statistics

Key Starting Point for Statistics/Links to Statsitics Agencies
in the world

Governments WWW Links

Governments on the WWW

International Statistics Database/Data Archive

International Data Base/ US Bureau of Census/ Demographic
and Socio-economic Data for Countries

UK Data Archive (UKDA)/
Census Data/Study Data: 1970 British Cohort Study, British Crime Survey,
British Election Study , British Household Panel Survey, British Social Attitudes,
Family Expenditure Survey, General Household Survey, Health Survey For England ,
Labour Force Survey ,National Child Development Study,Time Series Data
(formerly NS DataBank) Online, Workplace Employee Relations

Statistical Information Sources Link Sites

HSRIC: Data, Tools and Statistics - National Library of Medicine

Statistical Resouces on the Web/Health/University of Michigan
(Abortion,Accidents,AIDS,Alcohol,Births,Comprehensive, Deaths,Disability,
Disease, Experimentation,Hazardous Substances,Health Care,Health Insurance,
HMOs,Hospitals,International,Life Tables,Mental Health,Noise, Nursing Homes,
Nutrition,Occupational Safety,Pregnancy,Prescription Drugs, Risk Behaviors,Sleep,
Smoking,Social Security,Death Index, Substance Abuse,Surgeon General,Surgery,
Transplants,Vital Statistics)

List of national and international statistical services

National statistical offices

Medical/Health Statistics :Methods and Tools

Introduction to Medical Statistics

HyperStat Online Textbook/ e-Textbook on Statistics


The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms
Glossary of Statistical Terms

Health Statistics/Glossary of Statistical Terms
Health Statistics Research Guides by Area(Aging/Aged, AIDS/HIV, Cancer, etc.)

Softwares for Statistical Data Analysis/Mining

SPSS(Homepage, Statistical data analysis and data mining softwares)
SPSS Tutrial(Basics and Tests)
Introduction to SPSS
SPSS for the Classroom: the Basics
SPSS tutorial contents - SPSS tutorials
Free Download for Trial/evaluation version

SAS(Homepage, Statistical data analysis and data mining softwares)
SAS Tutorials | SAS Training
SAS Online Tutorial
SAS Tutorials
SAS Frequently Asked Questions

Epi Info/CDC

Free Statistical Software


Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study

Statistical Books, Manuals and Journals