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Historically speaking, it has been a common sense that the military uses the prostitution.

As for the US military forces (UN Forces), during the Korean War, they used the
prostitution facilities provided by the Korean Government.

The name of the prostitution facility is the Korean Military Comfort House.

The prostitutes who were working there were called as Special Comfort Women.

These facts were disclosed in 2002 by Mr. Kim who is the expert on women problems
in Korea.

Korean Military Comfort Houses were facilitated in 1951 and closed in March, 1954.
However, the Houses were maintained after 1954.

Official Record of Korean Military Comfort Women:

The actual conditions of the comfort women of the South Korean army at the time of the
Korean War is described by "The Back War History (Personnel Affaires Edition)" which
was published by the South Korean Army Headquarters in 1956.
In the publication, existence of the Korean Military Comfort Houses are specified.
According to the publication, the reasons for facilitating the Comfort Houses are
to carry out the frustrated dissolution which comes from soldiers’ morale upsurge and
sexual desire control, and for the measure against venereal diseases

In the publication, it is possible to see the statistics on the sexual services provided at four
comfort houses with 89 comfort women in 1952. The services were classified as “
the 5th sort of supply.” A total of 204,560 sexual services were provided by 89 comfort women.
The sexual services were forced one.

The actual condition of the inhumane comforrt women services recorded in the "Back War History":

One comfort woman was forced six or more sexual services per day.
"The attendance comfort women" were forced 20-30 sexual services per day.
When sending comfort women to the front, they were stuffed into the drum and it was sent as a supply.

There is also an evidence of continuation of the Houses that the DONG-A newspaper
(Korean Newspaper) had an advertisement for the registration of comfort women serving
the UN forces in 1961.- See next figure: copy of the advertisement.

It says that the Seoul Municipal Police Department and the Social Affairs Bureau of
Seoul City are asking the registration of comfort women for the UN Forces.

The Korean Government led and organized the Special Comfort Houses.

This means that the Korean Government was the most largest prostitution

It is clear that the South Korean Government is not qualified to criticize
the Japanese military comfort girls.

As shown below, the South Korean Government had organized and maintained
the military prostitution facilities which had the human right problems
as the ex-comfort women sued the Korean Government and the US Government.


Former South Korean comfort women accused the South Korean
Government and
 the US Government………………


During the period of 1960’s and 80’s, the group of the former South Korean comfort women engaged
as special comfort women, and filed the lawsuit which asked for compensation by extortion of prostitution
by the South Korean Government and the US Government.

 On the other hand, the South Korean Government and the US Government did not respond to compensation at all.

 Then, former comfort women changed to accuse Japan to take compensation.

This is the origin of the reparations demanded by the Korean comfort women.

 As for the inhumane nature of the comfort women of Japanese army, human trafficking and kidnapping,
those are duplicated copy of those for the Korean comfort women in South Korea.

 This is the reason why there is discrepancy between the facts based on the
interrogation report prepared by the US Army and the facts of testimony by
the Korean comfort women.

 It can be said that later shows the prostitutes’ actual conditions for comfort
women(prostitutes) in Korea.


Illegalness and Inhumane on the Recruitment and Its Service
for Korean Prostitutes in Korea...................................

The kidnappings of the village women by the corrupt broker were carried out to make them prostitute
in Korea.-Corrupt brokers are rampant.

The following newspaper article shows the kidnapping of the village women.

It is dated  31st August, 1936.

Judging from the above, it is possible to suppose the miserable prostitute business and living environment of the prostitutes
 in Korea.

Sex slaves were  the South Korean Army comfort women:

     The South Korean Government has no right to request the compensation requested by
     the Korean comfort women employed by the Japanese  Army, as the Government
     themselves did not respond to the Military Special Comfort Women in Korea for the
     compensation. Additionally, according to the Report No.49, there are no illegal and
     inhumane findings for the payment, living and working conditions for the  Korean
     comfort girls.

U.S. military comfort women in South Korea: South Korean national comfort-women system

The chief executive of a South Korean comfort-women system is present president Park's father :
 former president
Park Chung-hee

State-regulated prostitution was abolished in South Korea in 1947.

However, the prostitute system for the U.N. forces of those days, i.e., the U.S. Forces, was maintained.

The South Korean Government made the prostitute registration system, and was making the inspection
compulsorily undergone for a venereal disease.

The prostitution houses which were called as” Base Village” were maintained around the U.S. bases-
 104 places in the whole country.

There were 62 Base Villages across the country in 1977, and 9935 prostitutes were working there.

There is the official document being titled as “The Measures for the Base Villages Purification.”

It was prepared in 1977 and being kept by the National Archives of Korea of the South Korean Government.

Document on the Measures for the Base Villages Purification

This document defines the plans concerning Base Villages, such as a measure against a venereal disease,
and maintenance of apartments for exclusive use y the prostitutes.

It is shown that the prostitution system by the Base Village was organized by the South Korean Government,
and was maintained.

The US military comfort women system-the Base Villages were organized and maintained  by the South Korean
Government with two major objectives: serving the US military forces and the acquisition of foreign currency.

At the time of  maximum, U.S. military comfort women were over 20,000 women, and it was supposed that
annual earning obtained from the services was 15 billion yen at the present value. – at that time it was
10 million US dollars per year.

In addition, the chief executive who signed “The Measures for the Base Villages Purification” is the father of
present South Korean president Park who was the president of those days, i.e.,
Park Chung-hee.

Present president Park should make clear the actual condition of the national comfort-women system in South Korea.

And she also should make apology and compensation to the comfort women who are the victims of
the South Korean national prostitution system.

Further more, in the "Female & Family Committee" of the Parliament of South Korea, by the members of
the opposition party, there is discussion on the human rights of the military comfort women worked at
the Base Villages, by showing the public document of “The Measures for the Base Villages Purification”
as the proof that the prostitution of the Base Villages was led by the state very systematically.

However, it is not reported by the South Korean press, because it is very inconvenient
to know about the South Korean military comfort women by Japanese people.

朴 正煕元大統領 former President Park

朴槿恵大統領 present President Park


Human right committee of the UN, International Organizations for
Human Right for Women and Local Governments of the United Sates
should conduct the investigations on the following subjects........

1. Use of  the Korean Military Comfort Houses facilitated by the Korean Government by the US military
   during the Korean War

2 Facts about the Korean Military Comfort Houses provided by the Korean Government and facts
   on the Special Comfort Women

3 Prostitutes' human right and business and living conditions of prostitution in Korea-past and present

US State Department should.....................

The US Government should disclose the facts of the use of Korean Comfort Women by
American soldiers during and after the Korean War.

The press officer of the State Department would ask the Department of Defense about
the facts of the use of the Korean comfort women during and after the Korean War.
Fist of all, he or she must grasp the facts.

US Congress should................................

The United States Congress should make research on the US Military's use of the Korean comfort women
provided by the Military Comfort House organized by the South Korean Government during and after
the Korean War. The research has to cover the facts on the illegal and inhumane prostitution in Korea,
including kidnapping.

The United States Congress should adopt the resolution that the United States Government should
formally acknowledge, apologize and accept historical responsibility on the use of the Korean
Military Comfort Women during and after the Korean War.

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Japanese Military's Comfort Women System/US Congress Report