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Immigration/Stay in Japan / Government System & Activities

Official Guide on Visa/ Visa and Entering Japan/
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Ministry of Justics
Civil Affairs, Criminal Affairs, Immigration,etc.

Immigration to Japan/Fundamental introduction to
immigration and Visa/

Alien Registration and Alien Registration Law

Alien Registration:

An important change has been made in the registration of visitors staying
in Japan in July, 2012.
The current alien registration system will be abolished with the start of the
new residency management system.
After July, 2012, foreigners are now registered in the same residence
registration system(Basic Redident Registration:Jumin Toroku in Japanese) as Japanese
nationals, and alien registration cards are replaced by resident cards. Old alien registration
cards can be used instead of resident card until they expire or until July 8, 2015,
whichever comes first.

Resident Card(Zairyu Card in Japanese):

After July 9, 2012, new foreign residents will be issued resident card
upon initially entering Japan at Narita, Haneda, Kansai or Chubu
International Airports.
New foreign residents arriving through other airports/seaports can get
resident card at your municipal government office.
Existing residents will continue to use their alien registration cards instead
of resident card until their cards expire or until July 8, 2015, whichever
comes first.
The period of stay will be extended to a maximum of 5 years.

The resident card is the indispensable document required for obtaining the basic
public services, such as, national health insurance, national pension plan,
government managed long term care service(Kaigo Service in Japanese),
opening bank account, obtaining cell phone, converting drivers license and
other similar activities/procedures.
It keeps the holder's personal information, including the current
address, the status of residence and period of stay in Japan.
Foreign residents are required to carry their resident card with them
at all times.

New Residency Management System/Ministry of Justice

Japan's Residency Management System for Foreign Nationals

Immigration to Japan/Japan

Changes to the Basic Resident Registration Law

To foreign nationals who newly enter Japan after July 9, 2012

Alien Registration Act

Visa and Entering Japan/FQA/Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Japan/Visa System, Exemption of Visas, Visa
Application, Types and Categories, Visa Application
and Documents,etc.

Visa and Status of Residence/Setting up Business in Japan/JETRO

Procedures for Entering and Residing in Japan

Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau
Central Tokyo: Otemachi: 03-3286-5241
Yokohama Area: 045-661-5110

Guide for Foreign Nationals Wishing to Work in Japan

Working in Japan/Empassy of Japan in Singapore

Visa & Immigration Procedure in Japan/Working Visa, Working
Holiday Visa,etc.

Visa & Immigration procedure in Japan

For Foreign Nationals Wishing to Work in Japan/ MHLW, Gov't of Japan
(download PDF documents by clicking the letter of PDF, a complete guide )
  PDF/Head page

Embassies & Consulates in Japan

List of Embassies, Consulates and International
Organizations in Japan

Information on Japanese Government Organization and
Their Activities
Web Sites on Japanese Government Offices

Links to Ministries and Other Organizations (English Sites)

Word Offices/Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't

Ward Offices covering the Hiroo/Azabu Area

Minato-ku Ward Office: Tel. 3578-2111

Homepage: Minato-City (Full of valuable information!!!)

Living in Minato-City where in Minato-City , City Profile,
Minoto Monthly, FAQ

Contents of the Homepage in English:
Worthy for accessing!
Living in Minato City
Registration(Foreign Residents, Child birth, Marriage,
Seal, Death)
Tax(Tax System, Resident's Tax, Light Motor Vehicle Tax,
Obtaining Tax Certificate)
National Pension
National Health Insurance
Long-tern Care Insurance
Garbage Disposal, Recycling, Sodai-Gomi Center, Eco-plaza
Disaster Prevention
Foreign Residents' Advisory
Health Checkups
When Leaving Japan

Azabu Branch Office covering Azabu, Roppoingi area:
Tel. 3583-4151
(5-16-45 Roppongi)

Shibuya-ku Ward Office: Tel. 3463-1211

Shibuya-ku Homepage: in English

Consultation services for visitors( foreign people )-
Minato-ku Ward Office
Tel. 3578-2111 Ext. 2050-2052
Say to operator " Gaikokujin Sodan No Kakari O Onegai-simasu
( Please connect me to the foreign people consultation services)."
Minato-ku Ward Office covers the Minato-ku area, so if you live in Hiroo,
Shibuya-ku, you have to ask the Shibuya-ku Ward Office (Tel. 3463-1211,
1-1,Utagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku).

Consultation services for visitors( foreign people )-
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Living and
Culture Bureau

Phone numbers for consultation services by lungage:

5320-7744: in English
5320-7766: in Chinese
5320-7700: in Korean
5320-7755: in French
5320-7730: in Spanish

Service hours: 9:30am-12:00am, 13:00pm-16:00pm

Public Health Services

Public Health Services

There are over 500 Health Centers in Japan. They provide various public health
services, including diseases control and prevention, maternal and child health,
medical facilities control, environmental health, etc.

Health Center/Minato-ku: Tel. 3455-4701

Public Health Services by the Minato-ku Word Office

Living in Minato City- Community & Living,
Children & Child Care, Health & Welfare,
Employment & Tax

Medical Resources in Japan

List of Hospitals and Clinics with English Speaking
Staffs by Region/ by US Embassy in Tokyo

Electricity/Gas/Water Supply

Electricity, Gas Supply and Water Supply

In Japan, electricity is supplied by the major electric power companies, namely,
Tohoku Denriyoku (serving Tohoku District),Tokyo Denriyoku (serving Kanto
District, including Tokyo), Kansai Denriyoku (serving Kinki District, including
Osaka, Kyoto), Kyushu Denriyoku (serving Kyushu Island).
Gas supply in Japan is done by the major gas supply companies and its
geographic coverage system is same as that of the electricity supply.
Water supply services are the responsibility of the local governments.

(in Tokyo)

Tokyo Denriyoku(Tokyo Electricity Power Co.,Ltd),
Ginza Branch: 3567-7211

Electricity in Tokyo is supplied by the Tokyo Electric Power Company.
The voltage and frequency of the electricity supplied in Tokyo area is
100V AC/50Hz(AC/60Hz in the western part of Japan) .
Although you can start using electricity by simply switching on the circuit
breaker, you must notify the local business office of the Tokyo Electric Power
Company, in Minato-ku area, Ginza Branch office, as quickly as possible.
You can use the notification postcard which may be placed on the electricity
meter outside your house/apartment.
When you call the Branch Office, you will be asked to tell the customer
code number (appearing on the postcard or envelope attached to the
switch box or the meter), name, address and telephone number.
Your electricity bill is prepared from the monthly meter reading.
You can pay your bill either at a nearby bank/post office or convenience
store, or through your bank account. For further information contact the above
Brach Office of the Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd., Megro Center: 5722-0111

Gas in Tokyo is supplied by the Tokyo Gas Company. To start using gas,
call the gas company , in Minato-ku area, Megro Center of the Tokyo Gas
Company, and give your customer number, name , address and telephone
number. A service staff will visit your residence and inspect your gas appliances
before opening the main valve which is connected to your house.
You or your co-residents will be at home when the main valve is opened.
In case of gas leakage or other gas supply problems, shut the valve and open
the windows to get fresh air before calling the gas company.
If you are an apartment resident, you may contact the manager of your
Your gas bill is calculated from the monthly meter reading.
You can pay your gas bill in the same way as the electricity bill.

Water Supply

Suido-Kiyoku( Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't, Water Supply
Minato Branch: 3452-4571

In Tokyo, as well as other areas in Japan, local government which is the
Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't, supplies tap water.
The tap water in Japan is sterilized and accordingly is drinkable.

When you wish to start or discontinue the tap water service, you have to
notify the Bureau or its branch office.
The Bureau will leave a post card to be used for beginning the water supply.
Ask the manager of your apartment or the Water Supply Bureau.

Water charges for household include both the tap water charge and sewage fee.
You will receive bills every other month which can be paid at financial
institutions (banks and post offices) in cash or through your bank account.
At some apartments, the bills are collected together with monthly room rents.
In case of a water leakage or any other problems with the water supply, please
contact the above office by phone. If you are living in apartment, you may at first
contact the manager.


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