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Computer/ Internet Service Providers/Internet Cafe

Computer & Its Related Services

Usually, Japanese people buy personal computers at electronic/electric appliance
discount shops, such as, Yodobashi Camera(Shinjuku), Bic Camera(Shinjuku,
Yuraku-cho, Shibuya) and Yamada-Denki (Ikebukuro)Sakuraya(Shinjuku, Shibuya).
When you want to get PC with high capability at lower price, you may use the
Internet shops running by personal computer companies, such as, DELL, HP, EPSON.
For repair services, we ask the personal computer manufactures directly by
showing the written guarantee which has the expiration period of one year.
During this period, there will be no charge for the repair derived from the usual
use of PC.

Buying computers

Electronic/electric appliance discount shops:

Personal computers installed with English version of Windows can be bought
at the electronic/electric appliance discount shops, such as Bic Camera,
Yodobashi Camera, Yamada-denki,etc. in Japan. English softwares,i.e.
Microsoft Office and anti-virus software, can get at the same shops.
But all of the discount shops do not handle English version of personal computers.
At Bic Camera, they sell Sony and DELL personal computers installed with
English OS.

DELL's Internet Shopping Site:

Another way of obtaining the English OS installed personal computers is to
visit the DELL's shopping site. You can have a personal computer with
English Windows XP at around 120,000-130,000yen. It is possible to have
it at more cheaper price by selecting desktop type computer.

Buying Cheap Compuetrs in Japan:

The following computer companies provide the reasonable computers
for personal use.

mouse computer



English PC Shop:

In Tokyo, there are some computer shops specializing in the English OS
installed personal computers. 03-3445-5808

Repair/installation services

Tokyo IT Services: 5-8-6, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3437-2312, with English speaking staff

Buying computers in English

at Akihabara:
AKKY: 1-21-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo(Akihabara)
Tel: 03-5207-5207

at Ginza:
Apple Store Ginza: Apple computers and softwares
5-12-3, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5159-8200

English Computers in Japan 03-3445-5808

PC Users 'Group in Tokyo

Tokyo PC Users Group/Japan's largest English-speaking
pc users group

Internet Service Providers

There are over 100 Internet connection service providers in Japan.
Its business is very competitive in this country.
Following are the major providers providing connection services
at reasonable charges.
They offer the advance high speed connection service called
"FTTH"(optical fiber network services) and ADSL."
We say FTTH as " Hikari" which means optical or light.
As for basic connection services, monthly charges vary by speed
and inclusive of telephone charges or not.
When you select the speed of 50Mbps with ADSL service, you may
pay 2500yen per month to ISP and 1500yen to NTT or other
communication network company,as phone charge. In total, the
monthly payment may be 4000 yen. You can have discount service
for ISP for a pecific period, i.e.10 month, so that you pay 1700yen
for ISP.
As for FTTH, monthly charge is about 6500yen at independent
house and 3000yen at apartment houses.
But there are some discount system for the monthly charge.
With FTTH, you can use optical phone service(Hikari denwa)
at 500yen per month. Usual monthly phone charge is 1500yen.
Internet connection services are also provided by
cable TV companies and Internet service providers with optical
fiber network service.
In comparing the charges and services provided by the Internet
service providers, there are some Web sites in Japanese.

Communication Network Service Companies


NTT's Internet connection services

Internet Service Providers in Japan

ASAHI Net (web site in English)
Basic monthly charge: ADSL 494yen-, FTTH 3035yen-
ADSL services available

Basic monthly charge:ADSL 525yen-, FTTH 3622yen-
ADSL/FDDH services available

@nifty (web site in English)
Basic monthly charge: ADSL 2092yen-, FTTH 4095yen-
ADSL/FDDH services available

Basic monthly charge: ADSL 1974yen-, FTTH 3570yen-
ADSL/FDDH services available

Basic monthly charge: ADSL 1085yen-, FTTH 3938yen-
ADSL/FDDH services available

Basic monthly charge: ADSL 2310yen-, FTTH 3990yen-
ADSL/FDDH services available

AOL Japan
Basic monthly charge: ADSL 1967yen-, FTTH 3948yen-
ADSL/FDDH services available

OCN (web site in English)
Basic monthly charge: ADSL 7140yen-, FTTH 7140yen-
ADSL /FDDH services available

Basic monthly charge: DSL 2100yen-, FTTH 3560yen-
ADSL services available

Yahoo! BB
ADSL services monthly charge: 1791yen-

Money Saving Hosting Services

SAKURA Internt/Rental server services at 125 yen and over per month

Linkclub Hosting Service: Web hosting services with e-mail
and 70 additional capabilities at 3,900 yen per month

Interlink/ Rental server services at 1,000 yen and over per month

Best Server Hosting Service: Web hosting services with e-mail
services at 945 yen and over per month

First Server/: Rental server services at 945 yen and over per month

Lolipop: Rental server services at 263 yen and over per month

WADAX : Rental server services at 263 yen and over per month

@YMC: Rental server services at 840 yen and over per month

Xserver/: Rental server services at 1050 yen and over per month


Internet Cafe/Internet Access Service

Internet Cafes can be found at any place in Japan, excluding
rural areas.
They open 24 hours and its charge is 350-400 yen per hour.
If you wish stay there for long hours, they may have special packages,
i.e.,3-hour stay package costing 780yen and whole night stay
package costing 1280yen. It is allowed to sleep in your seat.
Most Internet cafes provide a combination of the Internet access
service and reading of magazines/comics.
Usually they offer free drink service (a cup of coffee/tea or other
soft drinks) and you can bring food in with you. Of course they
provide light meals. It is also fun to play video game (through the
Internet) there.

Internet Cafes in Japan/Links/in Japanese

Internet Cafes in central Tokyo:

Mangaland Roppongi: Roppongi
Tel: 3408-3750
Located at: 7-14-10, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
( Roppongi Crossing)
Open: 24 hours
Charge: 400 yen for the first one hour, 100 yen for additional
30 minutes

NECCA Azabu-Jyuban/ Azabu-juban
Tel: 3451-3388
Located at: 4-4-11, Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open: 12:00-2:00am

Gera Gera: Akasaka
Tel: 3505-8186
Located at: 4-3-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
( Hitotsugi-Dori Street)
Open: 24 hours
Charge: 380 yen for the first one hour, 50 yen for
additional 10 minutes

BAGUS: Shibuya
Tel: 5428-3217
Located at: 28-6, Utagawa-cho,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 24 hours
Charge: 400 yen for the first one hour, 100 yen for additional
15 minutes

Manga-Hiroba: Shibuya
Tel: 3463-0261
Located at: 36-6, Utagawa-cho,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(Opposite side of the Tokyu-Hands)
Open: 24 hours
Charge: 300 yen for the first one hour, 100 yen for additional
15 minutes

Manga-Hiroba: Shinjuku
Tel: 3205-3370
Located at: 1-16-6, Kabuki-cho,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
(Entrance of Kabuki-cho area)
Open: 24 hours
Charge: 150 yen for the first 30 minutes, 150 yen for additional
30 minutes


Other means to access the Internet:

Mobile Cards: It makes possible for laptop or PDA to access the Internet
and this service has been provided by ISPs. The charge for this service is
based on a fixed fee or on the Internet usage.

Wireless connection services: At fastfood restaurants, cafes and airports,
the public wireless networks are facilitated. This service is called as "Hotspot."

A sample of this service: HOTSPOT by NTT Communications

Use of Wifi- in Tokyo, in Japan

Following web sites will help you in understanding the general information for the
internet access and use of Wi-Fi in Tokyo and in Japan.

Naturally, you can use Wi-Fi spots at free of charge. The number of the Wi-Fi spots
is increasing here.

At the all of the subway stations of the Tokyo Metro,  you can use the free Wi-Fi
and in some of its subway trains you have the same free service.

Internet access:

Internet Access

Internet - Japan National Tourism Organization

Internet Access & Wifi in Japan

Use of Wi-Fi:

Wireless options for visitors to Tokyo

WI-FI HOTSPOT GUIDE / Official Tokyo Travel Guide GO TOKYO


FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT - Free Wi-Fi hotspots, most locations in Japan

Free Wi-Fi Japan supported by NTT EAST

TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi - Free Wi-Fi with One App!

Free Wi-Fi spots in Tokyo:

Free Wi-Fi Spot Map in Tokyo

McDonald's Free Wi-Fi

TV/Cable TV/Satellite TV


Number of channels of TV varies by area. In Tokyo, there are 7 channels.
NHK is the semi-public broadcaster, like BBC in UK.
It has two channels, one is general broadcasting and other is educational
Language used on TV programs is Japanese. But there is bilingual broadcasting
(in English) for news programs and movies.
To enjoy bilingual program in English, you may depress the voice change
button of the remote control unit attached to TV set.
Indications for buttons on TV remote control unit are written in Japanese.
Please use the following for turning into English language.

At hotels, they provide English broadcasting, such as CNN, with
TV set in your room at free of charge. It is not at all hotels.

As for TV set, if you stay longer here in Japan, you may
buy TV set with digital tuner. Because the digital TV broadcasting
will begin in 2011. Liquid crystal TV and Plasma TV are the
most popular TV set and they cost 100000-500000yen,
depending on the size.

Cable Television Service

In major cities in Japan, there are many cable television companies.
You may find a company or more companies serving your area in the city.
Their programs generally include English TV programs, such as CNN,BBC.
In addition to TV program services, they offer the Internet connection services.

กกminato cable/ shinjuku cable/
กก Minato-ku area & Shinjuku-ku area in Tokyo
Tel.: 3432-0022
Located at: 4-4-7, Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Basic service charges: Digital Services 4,725yen per month
for the 1st TV set, addition one TV set: 2,415yen
with Internet connection service: 3,885yen per month

Cable TV Shinagawa/Shinagawa-ku area in Tokyo

Taito Cable TV/ Taito-ku area in Tokyo

Tokyo Bay network/ Koto-ku & Chuo-ku areas in Tokyo

Tokyo Cable Vision/ Shinju-ku area in Tokyo

J:COM / Ohta-ku area in Tokyo

Satellite TV
SKY Perfec TV!/ Satellite TV Services
Tel.: 0570-039-888
CNN International

WOWOW/Satellite TV Services

Monthly charge: 2100yen( 2415 yen for digital services)

Radio in English

In Tokyo, you can listen to English-language AM radio station
at 810 Khz. It is operated by the US military stationed in Japan.
It provides news, music and talk shows.

Telephone Services

Telephone services in Japan

Telephone Service Companies in Japan

Telephone service companies in Japan (and monthly basic charge ):

NTT EAST(1680 yen)
NTT West (1680 yen)
KDDI (1470 yen)
Japan Telecom (1470 yen)

Telephone line installation at home/office

To get telephone service in Japan, you have to apply to NTT (Nippon Telephone
and Telecommunication) or other telephone service companies.
In case of NTT, you may go to nearby NTT office with your Alien Registration
Card and passport (or company ID card) to make it.
The application fee is 38,640 yen in total (including 840yen for Contract fee and 37,800yen for Subscription fee).
After completing the application procedure, NTT will make the installation
in a few days.
When you leave Japan, you may ask for the termination of service.

NTT East: Tel.: 0120-364-463

International Call

To place international call with phones at home or office in Japan, you push the
international access number (001, for instance, depend on the contract for
international call service), country code number and the number of overseas.
With public phones, there are public phones allowing international
calls. You may use the prepaid phone cards for payment.
The international telephone cards(issued by KDDI and other international
phone service companies) can be bought at convenience stores.
To buy it, just say " Kokusai Denwa Card."

Internatioal carrier access numbers:
KDDI: 001
NTT Communications: 0033
Softbank Telephone Corp.: 0041

Cell Phones

It is possible to get cell phones at NTT Docomo's cell phone shops,
other cell phone shops and electronic/electric appliances shops in Japan.
You can see cell phone shops anywhere in the town.
There are four major cell phone companies here. They offer various types of
cell phone services. Choose the most appropriate and economy plan for
your cell phone service.
At the time of first contract, you may buy the hardware of cell phone.
It costs 10000yen-55000yen,depending on the functions available.
Cell phone shops sell the phone hardwares at free of charge, as it is
possible for them that the cell phone shops get extra commissions from
the cell phone companies by selling the cell phone contracts.
To make contract for cell phone, you will be required to show
Alien Registration Card and passport. Your visa must be valid at
least three months. If you are on tourist visa, you may buy
prepaid cell phone.
Usual cell phones in Japan costs 3000 yen or more per month.
To save the charge, it is possible to choose the limited use service with
the monthly payment of around 1000yen.
With cell phones in Japan, it is common to use the Internet and e-mail
services. Typical one is i-mode service being provided by NTT Docomo.

Cell phone Companies in Japan

SoftBank Mobile

Prepaid Cell Phone Services

Cell phone company provides prepaid phone services in Japan.
You purchase both cell phone and prepaid card. (at convenience stores)
Prepaid cards cost 3000 yen or 5000yen. With the phone, it is possible
to make nationwide and international calls.
Call rate with the phone is 10 yen for 6 seconds for domestic call.
When you buy the prepaid cell phone, you have to fill in the application
form and you will be asked to show your ID cards, with passport and
Alien Registration Card.

Prepaid Cell Phone/ KDDI au/ in English

Japanese Cellular Phones FAQ/in English

Telephone and ISDN/ADSL/FTTH

NTT EAST/Telephone services, Internet connection

Japan Telephone Directory (in English on the Internet:

iTOWNPAGE/Business telephone directory, free, in English

Telephone services: call 116
Apply for telephone services, etc.

Internet Services: NTT's Internet Service
FTTH, ADSL and ISDN Services

Ceruller phone:

SoftBank Mobil

DoCoMo Information Center(in English): Tel : 0120-005-250
DoCoMo Shop in Roppogi: 5411-3222, open 10:00am-6:30pm

Use of Public(Pay) Phone in Japan

There are pay phones on the street or in buildings and they
have various colors, pink, gray, green and yellow.
To place call, pick up receiver and put a 10 yen coin or 100 yen coin
into the slot. When you use 100 yen coin, you do not have change.
Many pay phones do not have coin slot and you have
to get prepaid phone card(costing 500, 1000, 3000 yen).
Phone cards will be available with vending machines placed in phone
booth, at convenience stores and at kiosks in the stations.

Local calls cost 10 yen for three minutes.
Telephone books are provided with public phones, but they are
written in Japanese.

When you make emergency call with pay phone, depress red emergency
button and dial 110 for police and 119 for fire works and ambulance.
With this operation, no money is required.

International Call

To place international call:

dial 001(through KDDI)
dial 0041(through Japan Telecom)
dial 0061(through IDC)

International Dialing Codes/List of country codes

VIVAPLUS/International Calling Service at discount price

In using the smartphone  in Japan, you can use  the SIM cards being
provided as the prepaid card.
You can ask for the cards on the Internet , at shops located at airports
or  at electronic appliance shops in Japan.

Prepaid SIM for Japan/ NTT Communications

b-mobile VISITOR SIM

Prepaid LTE SIM/So-net


Mail Services

Postal Services in Japan

In Japan, postal services are provided by the Japan Post,
covering the whole nation, having over 20000 post offices.
They carry out domestic/international mail services,
postal saving services and life insurance services.
(In 2007, the Japan Post was reformed as private company
and it was separated into three companies:
postal services, saving services and insurance services.
They provide their services at the same post offices.)

Service hours:
Mail services: 9:00-17:00
Postal saving & life insurance services: 9:00-16:00
Close on Saturday, Sunday & National holidays
At large post offices, they open on Saturday & Sunday.

Postal charges: Domestic mails/Yen

Post card
Letter/regular sized, up to25 g.
Letter/regular sized, up to 50 g.
Letter/larger than regular-size, up to 50 g.
Letter/larger than regular-size, up to 100 g.
(Post card charge will be rised to 62yen, on 1st June 2017.)

Postal Charges: International mails/ Yen

(By Air)
Type of mail Asian
North American/European/
Post card
Letter/Up to
25 g.
Letter/Up to
Greeting card/Up to 25g.

Mail Post/ Domestic mails on the left slot,
Express and air mails on the right slot


Postal Services Guide

Postal Services and Its Charges

Postal services and their charges

Post Office in Hiroo/Azabu Area

Minami-Azabu Daigo(No.5) Post Office
Open: 9:00am-5:00pm, Mon-Sat
Two minutes walk from Hiroo Subway Station

Delivery of mails/parcels

Usually, mails will be delivered to your house or office by the post office
serving your district. There are two types of post offices in Japan.
One is larger post offices with delivery capabilities and other is small
post offices without delivery capabilities.

Your mails/parcels will be delivered to your house or office by the larger
post office. The registered mails and parcels which can not be delivered
due to your absence, the mailman will leave the non-delivery notice card
specifying the date/time of delivery, kind of mail/parcel, phone(fax )
number or Web site for redelivery, etc.

To ask for its redelivery, you may call(charge free) or send fax and it is
possible to inform your convenient date and time for redelivery.
You can ask for redelivery to your office or you can get it at nearby post
office(including small post office).
Also, you can fill in the notice card form for redelivery date and time
and you post it.

When you place phone call for redelivery, just say " Saihaitatsu" meaning
redelivery. It is better to ask for English speaking staff.
They will ask your name, address, phone number, mail/parcel's code number
(six digit numeral numbers printed at the top of the non-delivery card)
and your convenient date/time for redelivery.

Mail Services Provided at Convenience Stores

At major convenience stores, such as, Seven-Eleven Japan,
LAWSON, Family Mart, a part of mail servics are provided.
You can buy postage stamps, post cards and Letterpack,
and there is a post in the store.
Collection of posted mail will be done once a day there.

Movie/Post Office in Japan/YouTube


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