Cyber attacks and information theft acts in the Internet by
the Chinese Government and U.S. Government

Chinese army and US NSA are the criminal organizations.

Chinese army have been making the cyber attacks in the world.

Chinese military linked to widespread cyber-attacks

(Japan Times)

The US NSA also conduct cyber attacks which exceed 61000 attacks and they include
hundreds cyber attacks against Hong Kong and mainland China.

US NSA/Wikipedia

NSA Site

Disclosing the NSA's Data Cellection Activities Relating to
the Personal Data on the Internet


Edward Snowden/Wikipedia

Edward Snowden/ The Guardian

NSA's Data Collection and Mining System:

NSA PRISM Program: The NSA Is Up to More Than Just PRISM

New PRISM Slides Reveal How The NSA Collects And Analyzes Data

(from: Web Pro News)

PRISM Data Collection Details

(PRISM Outline)

NSA is the National Thieves Agency.

According to the disclosed information, the number of data amounts to 97000 million.

This indicates that the data collection is done by gathering the meta data, not only for the suspect

The Director General of the US NSA should be arrested due to the illegal access and the
theft of huge personal information.
The collection of meta data can not be considered as legal procedure in collecting the
pesonal data which should generally be protected by the right of privacy.

(from YouTube)

NSA is spying the allied nations' embassies in USA

It is revealed that the NSA has been conducting bugging activities
against the allied nations' embassies in the United States.
The countries include EU, Japan , France, Italy  and Greece.

New NSA leaks show how US is bugging its European allies

US bugged 38 embassies, including allies, latest Snowden leak indicates

Personal Information Surveillance System Developed by the NSA, US
Spy Agency ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Outline of the PRISM

NSA collects the meta data of pesonal information (and industrial
information) over the Internet and telephone services,
They are constucting the huge data center to stroge  the collected
meta data.
The computer softwear and the Internet services provided by the
US companies collect your personal and communication data and
provide them to the syp agency, NSA.

For instance, Windows 8 and Office 2013  have the
functions of collecting your data, with the OneDrive,
and the data in the OneDrive will be provided to FBI andNSA.

This means that  Windows 8 and Office 2013  work as spy
tools for collecting your data to be provided to NSA
without your consent.

There is no indication on such illegal usages of your data
on the packages of the Windows 8 and Office 2013.
For people in other countiries, it violates constitutional
right of communication and privacy of data.

It is the same for other Internet services, such as Google,
Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, etc.


(The SkyDrive service has been changed its name as the OneDrive.)

Windows 8 and Office 2013 of the Microsoft and the Internet services, including Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Skype, YouTube
and other Web services provided by the US companies are working as the important tools for  the PRISM.

It can be assumed that NSA has been using the PRISM for the industrial spy activities.

Users of the Microsoft softwares, mail services, SNS services,
data storage services, and cell phones are
assisting the US spy activities.

Microsoft's Cooperation with the NSA and Other Agencies:

Report-Clich here

PDF of the Report

Xkeyscore-Another spy system of NSA

XKeyscore is the widest reaching means of gathering data from across the Internet.
With this system, NSA analysts can search by name, telephone number, IP address,
keywords, the language in which the Internet activity was conducted or the type of browser used.

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'/


Preventive measures against the hacking and theft of information
on the Internet done by
the Chinese and US Governments

Do not connect the computer networks/Lans to the Internet!

US NSA is the industrial spay agency.
The illegal activities done by the NSA include the industrial spy.

Do not use the mail services provided by the US companies and Chinese companies.
In case of the US mail services, all of your mail data will be sent to the US spy agency, NSA.
As meta data of your mail information, they will be kept by NSA at its data center
for over 100 years.

Microsoft hotmail, Google Gmail and Yahoo mail :

Do not use the data storage services provided by the US companies and Chinese companies.
In case of the US data storage services, all of your storaged data will be sent to the US spy agency, NSA.
As meta data, they will be kept by NSA at its data center for over 100 years.

In case of OneDrive(SkyDrve):

It is the same for other data storage services.

Do not use the SNS services provided by the US companies and Chinese companies.
In case of the US SNS services, all of your SNS data will be sent to the US spy agency, NSA.
As meta data, they will be kept by NSA at its data center for over 100 years.

Other Clude Services on the Internat ・・・・・・・ Do Not Use

Do not use the US and Chinese cloud services on the Internet

DO NOT USE the servers in the United States

If you use any web services using the servers located in the United States,
your data will be collected by the NSA.

Computer Software and Web Services Working as Spy Tools
and It Can be Classifed as Computer Virus !

US and China products on software, web services, computers and computer
network devices are
facilitated with spy functions.

Typical Example Disclosed is as follows:

Microsoft provides the mail data and the SkyDrive data to US NSA.
Microsoft works as spy agent with their products, the hot mail service,
Windows 8 and Office2013.

To save data on the OneDrive, you select your OneDrive among the file menu of the Word2013,
Excel 2013 and other software of the Office 2013, your data saved in the OneDrive will be
collected by the US spay agency, NSA.

Office 2013 works as spay agency's data collection tool.

There is no indications on the spy data collection on the package of Office 2013.
Is it  acceptable for you or your company?
Is it appropriate for government offices to use such software  working as spy data collection tool?

With Windows 8, it has the tiles of mail and SkyDrive.
Both functions serve as the data collection tools for the US spay agency, NSA.
Windows 8 is a typical computer virus software with illegal leaking of personal and company data.
Windows 8 shows no indications on these unaccepatble functions for consumers in the world.
Windows OS is not an appropriate operating system to be used on personal computers.

Microsoft sell their products, Windows 8 and Office 2013, which work as spy tools.

Windows 8 and Office 2013 can be classified as computer virus.

In Japan, it may correspond to "the crime about the unjust order electromagnetic record"
Even if is legal in the United States ,in other countries including Japan where American law
is not effective, a computer software working similer to computer virus can be identified
as virus and illegal.
OneDrive is one of the save locations with Windows 8 and Office 2013.
There is no indication for the leaking of the saved data with OneDrive.
No users of  Windows 8 and Office2013 recognize the leaking of the saved data.
Accoridngly, they work as computer virus which have the capability of leaking the

NSA, Spy Agency is Bagging the Data on the Internet at Its Connection Points and
Servers Located in USA

NSA is bagging the meta data on the Internet at 8 connection points in the United States.
If you use the servers located in USA, your data will pass the connection points in the
USA and they will be collected by NSA and kept at the NSA's Data Center.

For any Internet services, you have to avoid using the servers in the United States.

US IT & Internet Companies Violate Constitutional and Basic Human Rights

The US IT and Internet companies playing roles as spy agent are violating the constitutional
and basic human rights of consumers and web service users in the world.

Legal Actions in Various Countries

Even if such software and web services are lawful in the United States, they will differ in each country
in the world.
In each country, the administration and legal authorities should take suitable actions in accordance
with its constitution, the related laws and regulations.

Violation of Constitution-- fundamental human rights, freedom of the communication
Violation of communication related law and regulations-freedom of communication,
 protection of secrecy of communication
Violation of computer virus protection law and regulations-virus similar functions by the leak of data
Violation of product/service indication related law and regulations-indication of software’s functions
 and contents of web services
Violation of consumer protection law and regulations-basic right of consumers/users

If it is recognized as illegal, proper legal procedures should be taken and they will include
the ban of selling the software and providing the web services, amendment of software
and web services, and amendment of indications.

Preventive Measures Against the US Spy Activities

A simple solution for elimitating the  US spy  activities is to stop the use of
the US made computer software, such as Windows 8  and Office 2013  and
the web services provided by the US companies.

You don't use the following software, web services and telephone companies.

Windows 8
Office 2013
US telephone companies
All other US IT/Internet companies and their services

The servers located in the United States of America should be included in
the spy system of the NSA and you will not use the web services provided
with the US located servers.

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